Does UPS Deliver On Saturday & Sunday? | Delivery Guide + Tips Inside (2024)

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If you are wondering about UPS delivery services on Saturday and Sunday, then you probably are waiting on that item you ordered online. Faster delivery is something that both businesses and customers want, and carriers are scrambling to figure out how to get those packages delivered on the weekend. So, just what are the UPS delivery options for Saturday and Sunday? Keep reading to learn about all the weekend delivery options available from UPS as well as what might be available from other delivery companies.

Does UPS Deliver On Saturday?

You might be wondering, “Does UPS run on Saturday?” UPS does provide package delivery on Saturday to more than 100 of the top metros across the United States. Saturday delivery is included for no additional charge with UPS Ground for packages with transit times of 1-3 days that are destined for one of the included metro areas. UPS will also deliver your 3-Day Select packages on Saturday at no extra charge.

Weekend services, including Saturday delivery, are fairly new to UPS services. Until fairly recently, UPS only provided delivery Monday through Friday. However, beginning in January 2020, UPS even started making deliveries on Sunday to keep up with the growing demand for shipping services that could deliver time-sensitive packages more quickly. UPS Saturday delivery has quickly grown in popularity since it is provided at no additional cost and because UPS provides detailed tracking information for their shipments.

Does UPS Deliver On Sunday?

So, does UPS run on Sunday too? For traditional shipments, UPS does not deliver on Sundays. However, there are some UPS packages that you might still be able to receive on Sundays. UPS Sunday delivery is provided for SurePost packages through their partnership with the USPS. Since the USPS is now making deliveries 7 days a week in many areas, your SurePost package that is scheduled for delivery on Sunday is very likely to be delivered outside of normal business days.

UPS will also deliver Express Critical packages on Sundays. Customers can use this service for extremely time-sensitive shipments that must be delivered to their destination on a Sunday. UPS Express Critical is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. In some cases, these shipments can even be delivered on the same day. Be prepared though as this service is not cheap.

Which UPS Services Deliver On Weekends?

Does UPS Deliver On Saturday & Sunday? | Delivery Guide + Tips Inside (2)

There are a number of UPS services that are available for delivery on Saturdays. Here is a list of available services that you can use for Saturday delivery. These include UPS Next Day Air Early, UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS Ground, UPS 3 Day Select, UPS Worldwide Express Plus, UPS Worldwide Express, and UPS Worldwide Express Freight. Some of the services mentioned above even have guaranteed delivery hours that allow you to determine exactly when your item will arrive.

When it comes to Sunday delivery, your options are a little more limited. The only packages that you will receive on Sunday are UPS Express Critical and SurePost. Technically, UPS does not even deliver the SurePost packages on Sunday. USPS delivers the package the final way from the post office to your home location.

Alternative Saturday/Sunday Delivery Options

Now that you know what UPS shipping offers when it comes to weekend delivery, what other shipping options are available? Here are a few others that you might consider.

— Amazon

Amazon Prime has started making residential deliveries on both Saturday and Sunday. In addition, some Amazon packages may be delivered by the US Postal Service on both Saturday and Sunday. If you need an item delivered on the weekend, then you might consider ordering it from Amazon.


The United States Postal Service has upped their game recently when it comes to weekend deliveries. USPS is now making deliveries seven days per week in some metro areas. Traditionally, USPS Saturday delivery has included both regular mail and packages. So, does USPS deliver on Sunday? In some cases, even your regular mail might be delivered on Sunday if the post office needs to keep the backlog of mail low. USPS Priority Mail Express is also available for both Saturday and Sunday delivery.

— FedEx

FedEx has started offering Saturday and Sunday delivery times for their basic ground delivery at no extra charge. In fact, FedEx offers home delivery on Sunday to nearly 95% of the US population. If you need a package delivered on Sunday for no extra fee, then FedEx is a great option.

The Bottom Line

UPS will deliver your packages on Saturdays to many areas in the country; however, Sunday delivery is limited to Express Critical packages and SurePost packages delivered by USPS. Other carriers like FedEx, DHL, and USPS provide additional options for delivery on the weekend. While most UPS stores are open on Saturday for package drop off, these stores are typically not open on Sunday. With the rise in e-commerce, nearly all the carriers discussed here are looking to expand their weekend delivery options. If your home does not qualify for Saturday delivery through the United Parcel Service, consider looking for a UPS access point in the closest major city so that you can pick up your package on Saturday.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the latest UPS delivers on Sunday?

If you need Sunday delivery, then you will have to use UPS Express Critical Service. This service is technically available 24/7, 365 days per year. While it is possible that your package could be delivered outside of normal hours, the latest that you can usually expect a delivery on Sunday is 9:00PM local time.

Is UPS open on Sunday?

In general, no, UPS is not open on Sunday. They do not make normal ground deliveries on Sunday, and most UPS stores are closed on Sunday. If you are expecting a critical package delivery on Sunday, then UPS will deliver their Express Critical service items on Sundays. Depending on how far the package needs to go, you might even be able to have it delivered the same day it is shipped.

What days does UPS deliver?

For normal ground shipments, UPS delivers Monday through Saturday. Note that Saturday delivery is not available in all locations. UPS will deliver on Sunday, but only for Express Critical shipments and SurePost packages that are delivered by USPS.

Does UPS Deliver On Saturday & Sunday? | Delivery Guide + Tips Inside (2024)
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